Verano365’s Thrivedo Boosts Bud Yield for Medicinal Cannabis Growers

New case study shows proprietary protein surfactant betters terpenes, THC, CBD, and cannabinoids

February 2, 2021—ARGYLE, Texas—New field trial data reveals that Thrivedo from Verano365® can allow medicinal cannabis growers to achieve improved yields and higher quality product. In a third–party trial with a commercial grower in Florida, using Thrivedo netted a 20:1 return-on-investment by producing a 31 percent increase in average bud yield.

Thrivedo is a yeast-based protein surfactant powered by the company’s proprietary delivery technology, OpusMAX. In the trial, the product was utilized at 10mL/gallon in eight treatments over the course of 12-weeks on cannabis sativa varietal Gorilla Cookies.

“In the Florida medicinal grower trial, we partnered with an operator that already had a top-notch fertilization program in place, and we wanted to see if we could take their yields to the next level with Thrivedo,” explains David Coorts, technical director for the Texas-based start-up. “We saw that our product could not only deliver increased bud yield, but that it also improved terpenes and other quality factors.”

The trial pitted the grower’s standard program against a program that added Thrivedo to the mix. Two benches of 17 plants each were harvested and sent to Kaycha Labs in Florida for analysis. The report showed the Thrivedo-treated plants gained 8.7% in terpenes, bumped up total THC by 8.8%, had a 6% boost in total CBD, and improved cannabinoids by 8.7% as compared to the control group.

“Improving plant quality is always our primary goal with our products, but we know it has to make economic sense for our partners,” said Herbert Rabalais, account director for Verano365. “When we finalized the calculations with the grower based on average sell price per gram, we saw a dramatic 20:1 return on the Thrivedo-treated cannabis plants.”

OpusMAX creates supramolecular structures of the active ingredients in horticulture inputs, allowing for more localized delivery of nutrients to improve plant health.

Thrivedo is registered for use in all 50 states in the U.S. and is available to commercial medicinal cannabis growers. Medicinal cannabis is legal in 36 states across the U.S.

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