Verano365 Introduces Next-Gen Wetting Agent

Cultivata outperforms industry leader for end-to -end water management, improving grower ROI

July 9, 2021—ARGYLE, Texas—Verano365®’s latest input innovation for greenhouse growers and soilless growing media producers addresses soil moisture management with a wetting agent powered by OpusMAX®. Cultivata™ is an advanced, proprietary liquid surfactant formulation that has shown superior wetting capabilities in hydrophobic growing media.

During internal product development, the team pitted Cultivata against current industry leading products to test product performance. Water management is critical to growers not only throughout crop cycles, but in maintaining plant vigor on retailer shelves.

Cultivata has shown superior initial wetting ability, increased water retention, and ability to rewet overtime. The increased efficacy is due to the company’s proprietary technology, OpusMAX, a patent–pending host chemistry that will create supramolecular structures from active ingredients and amplify performance.

“For our team, it’s not just about coming out with new products, but bringing the market inputs that can outperform the best thing available today,” shared Herbert Rabalais, President of Verano365. “With Cultivata we’ve developed a gold star wetting agent that allows growers to improve their profit per square foot with reduced water costs.”

In initial wetting time research, Cultivata consistently reduced the wetting time by 50 percent when compared to leading competitor products at a variety of application rates. With increased wettability, growers can save time and bring down labor costs and get better, more consistent plant growth.

“Cultivata is a wetting agent that hits on all cylinders,” said David Coorts, Vice President of Technical Development for Verano365. “Not only can the product cut wetting time by half, but it helps the media retain water better and more consistently. Ultimately, by achieving these things with a wetting agent, you’re going to have healthier, more vigorous plants and improve shelf life.

”Cultivata is being introduced during Cultivate’21, a horticulture tradeshow hosted by AmericanHortthat draws thousands of growers and industry professionals annually. Verano365 will exhibit at the show in booth 2609. Cultivata is the fourth product release from the Texas-based start-up utilizing OpusMAX to increase the efficacy of horticultural inputs.

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Verano365 aims to help the world thrive with healthier harvests. The Texas-based company provides specialty horticultural innovations utilizing a proprietary formulation technology, OpusMAX. Verano365’s solutions for greenhouse, nursery, and hydroponic management enable growers to get the most out of their inputs, from more efficient use of fertilizers to enhanced yields and shelf-life. Verano365 is part of the BPS Agriculture family of companies. Learn more about how our products help growers maximize profit per square foot at


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