Thrivedo Case Study

CASE STUDY: Thrivedo & Cucumbers | Field Trial with Green Search Inc.

Executive Summary

Verano365® partnered with Green Search Inc. over several months to trial Thrivedo™ on cucumber plants to evaluate the impact of the OpusMAX-powered protein surfactant on produce. According to the third-party researcher, the results of the trial were, “very impressive,” resulting in increased total production, higher fruit yield, and improved brix levels.

Thrivedo consists of a proprietary protein-surfactant that has a significant impact on nutrient efficiency, water uptake, and plant vigor. The product is powered by OpusMAX, Verano365’s proprietary formulation technology that creates a powerful synergy in horticultural products. 

Trial Protocol & Results

In the Green Search Inc. trial, conducted by Remco Kostwinder in Cottam, Ontario, they began application of Thrivedo at 4 ml/gallon weekly on July 8. The application was made weekly for eight weeks, concluding on October 14, 2020.

Compared to the control that received standard nutrient applications, the Thrivedo-treated cucumber plants produced 37% more total fruit.

By the numbers:

Overall, the Thrivedo-treated cucumber plants showed improvements in key plant-health indicator categories:

40% increase in total fruit count
30% increase in harvested fruit weight
30% increase in brix
74% increase in plant uniformity

Patience in a Virtue

Kostwinder cautioned growers to not expect immediate tell-tale signs. “The cucumber plants we treated with Thrivedo seemed slow to start, but then three weeks after germination, we really saw the plants take off,” he said. “The Thrivedo-treated plants progressed and shifted to more reproductive growth at 14 to 21 days after germination.”

Kostwinder recommended that growers utilizing Thrivedo to improve cucumber plant production practice pruning at two on, one off to increase the fruit length while maintaining a higher yield than what they are achieving today. Green Search also noted that Thrivedo improved plant uniformity.

“The Thrivedo treatment showed significant results on cucumber plants at rate of only four milliliters per gallon,” said Kostwinder. “We saw brix increase from 2.0 in the control to 2.6 in the Thrivedo group, and a 74.6% improvement in fruit uniformity.”

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OpusMAX Explained

OpusMAX is a first-of-its-kind delivery system that is anchored by a charged particle. This particle has an attraction force that acts as a host or carrier, which facilitates the self-assembly of supramolecular structures. When OpusMAX localizes active chemical or biological molecules into these structures, the impacts are gains in efficiency and increased probability of uptake and/or usage.

The trial protocol was developed with Kostwinder and David Coorts, who serves as the Technical Director for Verano365.