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What is Aqua-X Concrete Solution

Aqua-X Pails.jpg

Aqua-X Concrete Solution is a Safe, Fast Acting, Non-Fuming proprietary formulation for the Removal of Dried Concrete and Mineral buildup from your most Valuable Assets.


Our Versatile formulation is ideal for dissolving Concrete and Cement from various surfaces including:


Pumps and Hoses

Mixers and Chutes

Floats, Trowels, Roller Tampers, and all other valuable tools.


Aqua-X Concrete Solution dissolves hardened Concrete from various surfaces without extraneous effort saving you time and money.


Aqua-X Concrete Solution will attack the Concrete and leave your Equipment clean and ready for use quickly.


Our customers include Concrete Companies, Masons, Paving Contractors, Equipment Rental Yards and Concrete Block Manufactures. Aqua-X concrete solution is available in 5-gallon Buckets, Totes  and 5000 gallon Truckloads.


So if your Company is seeking a Quick, Safe and Affordable concrete removal product we have the Solution to your Problem!

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