Agricultural Products

Aqua-X’s science-based solutions for ornamental and produce greenhouse growers
EVOFACTOR is an adjuvant that improves fertilizer efficiency. The OpusMAX formula creates supramolecular structures of the active ingredients in water-soluble fertilizers, promoting nutrient availability to plants when used as part of a regular fertigation schedule.
THRIVEDO is a proprietary protein-surfactant that stimulates natural plant processes that increase nutrient assimilation, water uptake, and overall plant growth and vigor. Powered by OpusMAX.
THRIVEDO can be used to improve nutrient assimilation, soil wetting, and water uptake for ornamentals and produce crops. Nutrient assimilation is critical for plant growth and development. The result is healthier, harmonized plant growth. Fuller, uniform plants at the optimal size are ready to ship to your merchants.
CULTIVATA™ is an advanced, proprietary liquid surfactant formulation that has shown superior wetting capabilities in hydrophobic growing media.
CULTIVATA™, powered by OpusMAX®, delivers superior initial wetting ability, increased water retention, and the ability to rewet over time.
In initial wetting time research, CULTIVATA™ consistently reduced the wetting time by 50 percent when compared to leading competitor products at a variety of application rates. By reducing wetting time, growers can save time and bring down labor costs.